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The TALK is the motivational meeting that meets the world

I define it as such not only for the origin of the participants – precisely, from all over the world – but above all because the message it wants to bring is universal.


The TALK was born in March 2020 as a natural consequence of my need to make a contribution to my community in a period of crisis. Stepping back and choosing silence at such a time would not have been consistent with my role as an educator.


So I tried to figure out what support was missing. Taking advantage of the stimuli coming from some of my students, I created a free weekly meeting during which to analyze the moment and try to provide small tools that could help face the pandemic and the future that will follow.

What have you been holding on to in these months? What allowed you to be still here trying to be ready, to be found better?


You may not have an answer, but you feel that something big moves you inside.

You may have an answer, but all these months of uncertainty don’t make you any safer about anything.


The TALK is a time to seek common energies together to prepare for the future. The future does not come by itself, the future must be built, and in this time more than ever it is necessary to roll up your sleeves, put your hands in the earth and sow what tomorrow will bring nourishment.


The TALK is a help to create a positive attitude towards situations in life that we cannot control. What we can control are our reactions and our choices. Everything you need is already within you.


The TALK is a way to become the protagonist of your actions, to stop hoping passively, and to start believing, becoming yourself full of confidence in your power to change things.


The TALK reassures us in the face of the void we often see unbridgeable in front of us. Emptiness is space, and you can fill it.

You can.


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