Making Life Coaching
More Human

Life coaching is about analyzing and bridging the gap between reality and desires. It is a process that focuses on discovering your goals and is based on a holistic approach that involves planning and action in different areas of your life.


Life coaching helps resolve confusion, dispel self-doubts, make decisions and pave the way for the fulfillment of dreams and goals. Life coaching is a gradual process whereby a life coach helps someone dig beneath the surface of their thoughts and beliefs and helps them understand the internal obstacles to their success and well-being.


Life coaching is a general term that encompasses facing blocks and challenges in the areas of relationships, work, business, finance, and so on.
Life coaches ask key questions that help unlock your potential and offer clues to your inner motivations and beliefs.


Life coaching also works to ensure that we honor our commitment to a better life and become accountable for our actions. Each of us has a different set of needs, fears and insecurities that are expressed across a broad spectrum of life transition stages.


A life coach helps people examine the different thoughts in their psyche and helps them analyze what is important to them.


The life coach is different from the therapist, who is a qualified person who offers care. The therapist aims to heal and heal, while the coaching is oriented towards health, potential and wholeness. Counseling emphasizes healing from the past and releasing pain, while life coaching helps you focus on the future and motivates you to pursue your passion and dreams.


Life coaching helps you to:

– Understanding what your wishes and expectations are

– It remove the brakes that prevent us from having the life we ran

– It offers the means to achieve your desires, the life you really want

– It leads you to become your own leader

– Increase self-esteem and consideration of you

-Improve your interpersonal relationships


Online coaching is based on a weekly remote appointment plus a weekly follow-up phone call. The customer also receives a direct line for messages.

The first free session aims to get to know each other and understand well what the objectives and the path to take are.

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