In recent years, Enzo Celli is definitely one of the most active choreographers Italians abroad. His works have been set on prestigious theatres including: Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theatre (New York), Salvatore Capezio Theatre (New York), La Cigale (Paris), Erfurt Opera House (Germany), Sao Pedro Theatre (Porto Allegre, Brasile), Guaria Theatre (Curitiba, Brasile), Auditorium Conciliazione (Rome).

Since 1995 he is the artistic director of Botega Dance Company.


Negli ultimi anni Enzo Celli è sicuramente uno dei coreografi Italiani più attivi all’estero. I suoi spettacoli sono andati in scena in alcuni dei teatri più importanti al mondo tra cui: Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theatre (New York), Salvatore Capezio Theatre (New York), La Cigale (Parigi), Teatro dell'Opera di Erfurt (Germania),

Teatro Sao Pedro (Porto Allegre, Brasile), Teatro Guaria (Curitiba, Brasile), Auditorium Conciliazione (Roma).

Dal 1995 è il direttore artistico di Botega Dance Company.

What they say about Celli




“Enzo Celli prioritizes emotional messages over particular steps or movements.  He works for the souls [of the audience], not for individual people”.  Wall Street Journal




"Porta in scena un’emotività nuova;

Vittoria Ottolenghi diceva che “la danza è l’unica attività umana insieme all’amore in cui l’uomo è lì tutto; fisico, mentale e sentimentale”. Ed è proprio così che fanno i Botega". Dance & Culture


"Brings on stage new emotionalism;

Vittoria Ottolenghi said "dance is the only human activity together with love in which the man is there all; physical, mental and emotional. "And that's how Botega make". Dance & Culture









“The right mix between dance-maker and dance could be found in Après-midi d'un Faun, choreographed by Enzo Celli. Après-midi d'un Faun played with the lushness of Debussy's iconic score and the dancers' subtle animalistic qualities, seamlessly traveling from floor to standing. Dancers moved with the lightness of air, adding to the dreaminess of the dance. Taking a less is more approach Celli let the dancers' rare qualities take center stage, allowing us to fill in the familiar narrative”.  Nancy Wozny






“Enzo Celli entered the stage and engaged the audience by making clear eye contact and simply demonstrating the hilarity of the power of minimalism. Suddenly, he began a series of sliding rond de jambs that turned into a duet with Elisabetta Minutoli. The intertwining movement told a beautiful story of the quest between people to be noticed by one another. The arc of the piece was excellently executed and, in the end, they returned to humor. Comedy cannot exist without darkness, and Celli’s work demonstrated this superbly”.  diydancer.com







“Enzo Celli believes in the group – the swooping form of a flock of birds as they navigate through thick air. He also believes in the individual; a dancer should be recognized as a person first, a part of the company second. In this, Celli is complicated. In his deep love for dance, Celli is clear”.








“Class with Celli is a lesson in developing self and in performing courageously. No moment is lost as a simple technical lesson; every turn and twist is a chance to hone your personal dance vocabulary in the guise of Celli's movement. He celebrates the differences within each dancer. And in turn they can celebrate themselves”. Informalblog


“We’re infatuated with Enzo Celli's expressive style and beautiful accent”. @dna_dance